Monday, 7 October 2013

#FluffyPlaysBastion - Part 3

Well.. at the end of Part 2, I caved and rested my poor fingers after attempting Bastion's New Game Plus and invoking all the gods' powers. It was a hard run, so I'm well rested and back to continue the challenge.

Kid's back for more. What do you say to one so determined?
Kid grabs his trusty pike and a scavenged mortar to tame the wilds, armed for a rendevous with his inner demons.
His eyes grow heavy as he starts poring over one of my favourite books, opening it near the end.
Those drinks are potent for a kid. He works himself into a righteous fury, but there aren't any enemies left standing for him to to expend his rage on.
After besting the gods at their own game, the kid finally sees some light coming towards him.
Kid gets out of the Ura camp, battered and bruised. His shield looks well worn, yet something tells me it wasn't as hard as it seemed..
He makes his choice. Aahh.. I can already feel the songs of old..

Three hours and a lot of swearing later, the second half of the run is done. I'd estimate New Game Plus took about the same as a new game to finish, even considering this was played on the Bastion equivalent of hard mode.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

#FluffyPlaysBastion - Part 2

One of the features of Bastion is New Game Plus, which allows you to carry forward unlocked items from your previous finished game. Since there's a Steam achievement if you complete a round of New Game Plus, I thought, why not give it a go? That's where the next livetweeting session picks up.

Kid plots his course through the world. He feels a sense of deja vu as he picks up things he's seen before.
Kid reflects on what I've been telling him so far. He's a smart kid, he'll work it out for himself.
When kids can run around slaying monsters, that's when you know they'll be fine on their own.
Kid seems proud of what he's done so far. Can't blame him, can't stop him from gloating either.
Kid decides to defy the gods. Bad choice, I suppose, but I can't stop him from doing something he wants to do.

Kid's back for another round. Seems like he's not done with his vendetta against the gods yet..
All this fighting's taking a toll on the kid. But he's not ready to give up just yet.
Kid's learning fast, that the gods demand his respect.
Ah Garmuth, foiling the kid's efforts again.
Kid loves his dreams, always going back for more.
The gods' reminder to the kid finally gets through, and he bows to their wishes.. at last.

Closing comments:
New Game Plus is fun, sometimes I wonder why more games don't incorporate it. That said, I'm not entirely sold on the way New Game Plus is incorporated into the main storyline and game progression, as there are many regions where you absolutely need to pick up whatever new weapon is uncovered in order to move along.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

#FluffyPlaysBastion - Part 1

During the Steam Summer Sale, I managed to pick up a number of cheap games based on various recommendations. Bastion wasn't high on that list.. until I heard the soundtrack:

It was hauntingly good enough to convince me to get it. I decided to livetweet the whole playthrough without giving away too many spoilers, and since I'm writing this review long after I've played the game, our adventure begins with a tweet from 2 months ago:
For "weekend", substitute "Friday night games".
Kid waves his trusty hammer about, smashing things as he goes.
Kid smashes through debris, finds a bar. He defends himself against magical turrets, before taking a leap of faith. Picks up a few more weapons, before reaching the Bastion, where the town said they'd meet up. There's only one person there.. who proceeds to send the kid on a journey through the ruins.
On his walkabout, kid sees things he'd never usually see. Like great, open areas.
Kid retrieves a gleaming blue mineral piece. After returning to the Bastion, he goes off in search of another. Because you always need more. He shoots up stabweed, just to see if there's anything lurking within.
Then the kid stumbles on another item. A machete, dropped in the chaos, he supposes. He clears more stabweed with it.
Kid finds more blue mineral, fights his way through more hordes. He sees petrified people, turned to stone. He's still struggling to come to terms with the scale of what happened. Then he spies someone. Someone alive. Kid runs over.
Kid finds a survivor, Zulf, leaves him with me. Kid runs off to find more mineral shards, finding a sheriff's musket on his way.
Perfect for clearing windbags, or so he tells me.
So many mindless creatures roam these ruins. Kid doesn't like it, but he's got his arsenal, he can deal with them. But sometimes, it gets a bit lonely, all this fighting alone.
Kid finds a temple, a pantheon to the gods of this world. He muses over their domains..
And then gets greeted by more wildlife. He dispatches them easily enough.
Out in an uncertain world, with bits of the world floating around waiting for someone to piece them back together, it's slippery. Hard to maintain one's footing, and the kid.. well, he slips a lot.
Kid finds a moment's serenity in a dangerous world, lured away by his fatigue..
After he comes to, he brings back someone though. Zia, she called herself. Pretty musical instrument she's got there.
He presses onward, fighting a burrowing creature with a mouth as long as he's tall. Kid rolls and dodges, picking off the creature and one of her eggs in the process. Kid wonders if he could raise it.
And just like that, the kid finds himself having too much to handle.
Kid pushes on, undeterred by one slip-up. But he comes back to find that Zulf decamped, wrecking most of the Bastion. Kid's got more work to do now..
He pushes on through the wildlife, cleaving them in twain, sundering them. Then he sees another human, who hands him a letter. Before he can ask anything, he's seeing stars instead..
Kid wakes up, letter in hand. He heads back to the Bastion to read it, so that he knows where to go next - a scorched wasteland, where he finds a tool.
Oh yes, now that kid's packing a lot more heat than he used to, he'd like to unleash it.
But of course, kid can't burn what's already burnt to cinders.
Kid finds that life gets nastier the further one goes from paradise.
He travels further and further, deeper and deeper into uncharted territory, making new allies.
Away from his port in the storm, he finds a ship's mortar. Could come in handy, he muses.
Then he meets Zulf. Again. Kid seems calm, but a fire rages within.
Kid barely escapes Zulf's army. He comes back, torn and shot up, but still alive. Knocks himself out on his bedroll almost immediately. Twisted dreams and tangled memories, they haunt him.
When he wakes from his nap, I hand him his final assignment: get Zulf. I send the kid on his way with a little present.
Kid's still learning to use that launcher, it's easier to block its shots than it seems. But he masters it quite fast.
All this while, I'm telling Zia a story. The story of how this mess began. There are things I still don't know.
Kid finds a massive pillar. Zulf ain't gonna like what's coming for him. Neither do the rest of his countrymen, when faced with the kid's rage.
Kid finally gets back to the Bastion, dragging a blue spike behind him. He's gotta make a choice now. The past, or the future?
Closing comments:
It's not too bad for a single player campaign, I suppose.

Some thoughts on the music title choices. I still wonder why Rucks doesn't get a theme song..

Monday, 3 September 2012

Basically I've gotten back into the blogging spirit, and I will write about weird and wonderful things happening in the world around me.
For example, imagine designing a water treatment facility for a gas plant. Most people would dismiss this as boring, however there's so much wiggle room that it's weird and wonderful. There are so many ways to achieve a simple goal - dirty water in one end, drinkable water out the other.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


---Run status check on subject B-001---
Status check completed.
Subject remains comatose. Brain function stable but minimal. Cardiac function normal. Core temperature stable and holding at -197 degrees Celsius.
---Available options for subject B-001?---
Options for subject B-001 include:
1. Status check (last check: 22/08/2X12)
2. Initiate de-hibernation sequence (last initiation: never)
3. Resume cryogenic suspension (last suspension: 01/01/2X12)

Please select an option to proceed.
---Initiate de-hibernation sequence.---
De-hibernation sequence in progress.
Disconnecting liquid N2 supply... |||||||||| Completed.
Connecting heating liquid supply... |||||||||| Successful.
Beginning heating liquid flow. Standby.
Heating liquid supply stable. Subject core temperature rising to standard levels.
Initiating brain energiser probe... |||||||||| Successful.
Charging probe. Standby.
Brain energisation complete. Running status check on subject. Standby.
Status check completed.
Subject appears to be conscious. Brain function stable. Cardiac function normal. Core temperature stable and holding at 37 degrees Celsius.
De-hibernation sequence completed.

"Welcome back, Subject B-001."

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


A season of hope
of fears
of dreams

A time to
discard the old
welcome the new

Some say this
is what you do in spring
when the birds and the bees
are out in force

I disagree

is when change reigns
is when life bursts forth
but most importantly

is when there are
no exams

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Spring exams

They always result in you studying inside, while the sun and the bright blue sky taunt you by shining brightly through the windows.

It can get depressing sometimes.

In other news, I really should re-immerse myself in creative writing over the coming break, let the ideas flow forth from onto paper, or let these ideas take shape on a computer screen. Preferable to sitting around and doing absolutely nothing.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Information deluge

A broadband connection is a wonderful thing: it allows you to connect to the internet, which then brings in a constant flow of information right into your lap. Anything you need, anything you want, you'll get it.

But who should we put in charge of a broadband connection? The two most likely people who can be put in charge of this connection are companies and governments.
If you let an internet service provider (ISP) do it, they'll be interested in making money, not just providing service. And that means people who don't earn enough money to afford a broadband connection won't be able to access the information some of us take for granted.
If you let the government of a country do it, they'll be interested in protecting their position in power, which leads to censorship issues... which may or may not be a good thing for the people of the country.
Conclusion: the best options we have for now are not the best options.

Someone should pioneer a method to allow humans to connect to the internet directly without the need for a new interface. For all we know this could utilise existing technology, and everyone around the world would be instantly connected to massive amounts of information.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


I wonder if I should bother getting back into Scrabble. There's a new wordlist coming out for next year... which I find to be rather similar to a new patch for computer games.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

If life was a game, this is how it might look like


energy_max = 10; //maximum energy available to perform a task, also starting energy
xp = 0; //starting experience
task_action = 0; //0: no task has been assigned, 1: task has been assigned
task_status = 0; //0: task not completed, 1: task completed
task_count = 0; //starting number of completed tasks player has

while task_action == 1 and task_status == 0 //task has been assigned but not completed
energy_max = energy_max - task_energy;
if energy_max < 0 //check that character has enough energy to carry out assigned task
then print("Not enough energy, need energy boost. Task will be aborted.") //warn player that extra energy is required to complete task
else xp = xp + task_xp; //increase player's experience from completing task
task_status = 1; //task completed
task_action = 0; //assigned task has been completed
task_count = task_count + 1; //note number of player's completed tasks

Friday, 22 July 2011


Aaaahh.. It's been a while since I've written anything in here. So many things to do, so little time. Small wonder that I've pretty much left this by the wayside, even though I did try to encourage myself to write something by designating this blog as my homepage. Wonder why that move didn't really work out.

With classes starting again next week, I'm sure I'll be able to find further inspiration to write things here again. There must be something in life to inspire people to do things, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to find that spark.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Youth of the Nation

How is it possible that people complain so much about voting fraud in Malaysia, and yet when a similar thing happens over here in uni, nobody says anything to the people in charge? Sure, the consequences don't seem very much on the surface. It's nothing on the scale of leading a country into ruin, at most you'll just be ruining a perfectly good club.

However when you delve deeper, you start thinking about other things. University students are involved here. As the clich├ęd saying goes, the youth are the leaders of the future. If they learn that power is easily obtained through manipulation, what's stopping them from using their power to continue their manipulation to stay in power? And hence you can sense a vicious cycle starting already.

The sad thing is the current constitution for said club allows for this sort of voting fraud to take place, simply because there is no provision for the closing of registration of new members [and hence new voters] prior to the Annual General Meeting. Little wonder that people tend to exploit this for their purposes.

But as they say... if you live by the sword, you tend to die by the sword. Just beware of the temptation of power, people.